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Backers contribute to campaign owners, not to RAISE WITH DELLA®.  However, in most cases, RAISE WITH DELLA® is able to refund your contribution before any of the following occur:

  1. The contribution funds were disbursed to the campaign owner;
  2. The campaign ends; or
  3. The perk(s) is “Locked”, which means the campaign owner has indicated the perk(s) is ready for shipment, or “Shipped” by the campaign owner.  

In the event that the campaign has ended and RAISE WITH DELLA® has disbursed funds to the campaign owner, refund requests must be directed to the campaign owner and handled in accordance with their separate refund/return policy.  RAISE WITH DELLA® is not responsible for refunds outside of our Refund Policy and you should work directly with the campaign owner to resolve the refund request and the method of refund.

Our platform fees are 5%. Our payment service provider Stripe, Inc. charges 2.9% and 3* per transaction.